NSW fires burn amid drought conditions

NSW Bushfires In Ulladulla, Nowra

Australia fires: Emergency warning issued as HUGE bushfire hits Bega Valley and Ulladulla

A 300-hectare fire burns out of control at Bemboka.

A total fire ban has been declared for the Hunter, with the RFS saying today's weather is worse then they expected.

Strong winds and dry conditions are now making flames spread in Ulladulla and Bega Valley in New South Wales (NWS), Australia.

The Ulladulla firefront has burnt through about 100 hectares and properties west of Burrill Lake are now under threat.

The main concern right now for the RFS is on the South Coast, where emergency warnings have been declared for out of control fires near Nowra and Ulladulla.

Two other blazes have been reported, one west of Kiama and the other at North Nowra with homes said to be under threat along the Princes Highway.

There are now "Very High" fire danger conditions, with this making it hard to bring the fire under control.

Residents near the fire were seen covering their faces in a bid to escape the smoke that were rising above their homes.

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The RFS has urged property owners to think twice before burning off on Wednesday, as temperatures rise to the mid-20s amid winds of up to 70km/h.

Firefighters have worked overnight on 79 bushfires across NSW, with 32 burning uncontained.

Environmental change academic David Bowman said global warming meant the northern and southern hemisphere fire seasons were overlapping, which was stretching global firefighting resources.

Two other fires - in Budawang National Park near Ulladulla and Nowra - also contributed to a hectic day for crews.

Proactive fire prevention had suffered a lack of government funding, the La Trobe University researcher said.

The RFS said the fire was burning "close to properties" but crews were on scene to try protect them.

"We are concerned about a return to these gusty conditions on Saturday", he said.

Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the activity was extremely concerning. "It's three months since the end of the last fire season and now we're back into it again".

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