"WH lawyer McGahn isn’t ‘a John Dean type ‘RAT,’" Trump says

Trump claims he instructed White House counsel to cooperate with Mueller

Greg Nash

Trump continued the tweetstorm Sunday after reacting Saturday to a New York Times story that said White House counsel Don McGahn has sat down for 30 hours of interviews over nine months with Mueller's prosecutors.

The New York Times reported that McGahn, spoke with Mueller's team about Trump's firing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey and his push for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to claim oversight of the inquiry, and Trump's attempts to fire Mueller.

"I think the bottom line is it is less bad for the president to have his counsel testify than to have him speak to special counsel. And the [New York Times] article does say that he and his lawyer, once they were told to go talk to the special counsel, indeed did so, and were relieved to be able to do so, to explain McGahn's position and involvement in these things".

McGahn has been something of a shadow figure, gaining little personal spotlight in the tumultuous atmosphere surrounding Trump's White House.

People close to McGahn told the Times that he chose to fully cooperate with Mueller because he feared Trump was setting him up to take the fall for any potential illegal activity, including obstruction of justice. But it said another motivation was McGahn's fear he could be placed in legal jeopardy because of decisions made in the White House that could be construed as obstruction of justice. "They have all the information".

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Aug. 17, 2018. The White House says that Trump simply has nothing to hide, with Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling Fox News that "The president and Don have a great relationship".

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"He didn't", Giuliani said.

The Times reported that McGahn and his attorney were anxious that Trump was setting him up to take the blame for any possible illegal acts of obstruction, so they sought to cooperate as fully as possible with Mueller's probe.

"I see a lot of similarity in the bungling", Dean said.

Giuliani said during "Meet the Press" that Trump didn't raise executive privilege or attorney-client privilege during those interviews because his team believed - he says now, wrongly - that fully participating would be the fastest way to bring the investigation to a close. It remains unclear if McGahn answered questions on collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

In his first live TV interview since being stripped of his security clearance, Brennan said on MSNBC late Friday that Trump's is " drunk with power", and rapped Republican lawmakers in Congress for turning a blind eye to the president's actions.

McGahn's attorney, William Burck, declined to comment on an ongoing investigation.

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