Kindergarten welcomes students back to school with performance by pole dancers

A kindergarten in Shenzhen south-east China has caused outrage among parents after it lined up a pole dancing performance to welcome its students back to school after the summer

Outrage online after pole-dancing principal greets Chinese kindergartners

A kindergarten principal in China trying to liven up a formal back-to-school ceremony with a racy pole dancer was sacked after angry parents lit up social media with complaints.

A Chinese kindergarten principal has been fired after she welcomed students back to school at the beginning of term with a pole dancing display.

"Pole dancing is by nature sexy and flirtatious, and by that measure, it is for the eyes of adults, not young children", said an anonymous user on Weibo, a popular Twitter-like microblog in China.

Principal Lai told state tabloid Global Times that while "a few parents" had requested a refund, others wanted to "learn a new type of dance".

Standaert said he had nearly pulled his children out of the kindergarten before the summer break whenthe school provided them with "10 days of military "activities" and displays of machine guns and mortars at the door".

A screengrab shows a pole dancer surrounded by parents and their children at a Chinese kindergarten. Michael Standaert, a US journalist in Shenzhen who sends his children to the kindergarten, recorded the pole dancing, and his astonished anger, on Twitter. Small girls in red marching band uniforms stood impassively in front of the stage in the schoolyard while the pole dancer flounced in front of them.

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Another parent, expat Michael Standaert, added: "Who thought this is a good idea?"

"The District Education Bureau believes that it is not appropriate to perform pole dancing for children in kindergartens".

He said he and his wife had already had concerns about the kindergarten before it closed for the summer, when the children had been subjected to 10 days of "military activities".

In a statement posted to Weibo on Monday afternoon, the local education bureau said an investigation had found a pole dancing business had been invited into the kindergarten to perform.

Baffled children, ranging in age from 3 to 6 years old, and their parents looked on as they were "entertained" by the performers on their first day of school.

"There was a lack of comprehensive consideration of the contents of the performance", said its message, which was reported by the Chinese news media.

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