Cheapest 2018 iPhone May Be Much More Expensive Than We Thought

China Mobile says the iPhone XC

China Mobile says the iPhone XC will cost 5888

The new phones will be "all display", meaning no buttons on the front - so it's pretty certain that you'll be unlocking your phone with your face if you buy any new iPhone in 2018.

Along with this announcement, you will be excited to hear that Apple will launch the largest iPhone ever manufactured beside the current iPhone X' successor with the name of iPhone Xs.

Apple is also believed to be preparing to an unleash the iPhone XC, which will be a cheaper model with the same edge-to-edge screen as the iPhone X, but with an LED screen instead of an OLED displayed.

The analyst gets his information from talking to companies that supply components for Apple devices. The iPhone XS is tipped to be priced at $899 and $999 for the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screen variants, respectively. The invite says "Gather Round, Please join us at the Apple special event at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino" along with a circular design. He also rightly states that the focus of Apple's Gather Around event will be the iPhone; it's the time of year the lineup receives an upgrade after all.

After 9to5Mac brought the name iPhone XS Max into play last week for the largest of the new models, the name iPhone XS Plus is again mentioned on the slide. Apple is also expected to launch a new series of MacBooks and a new Apple Watch.

China Telecom has released a graphic that depicts an iPhone X-like device with two SIM card slots.

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The iPhone XS is set to be the "headline" product, the smaller (and easier to hold) 5.8-inch handset that still chucks in all the top-end technology.

'Phone XC and iPhone XS Plus are pretty ridiculous names, ' added tech worker Francisco Alonso.

But what Apple probably takes up with the C is the somewhat greater color variety, even if it is less colorful than with the iPhone 5C.

Any new iPad Pro is expected to reflect the change in design language introduced with the iPhone X a year ago, dumping the long-standing home button and Touch ID for gestures and Face ID.

The biggest slug will be for a new iPhone, it's still the company's most-important product, generating about two-thirds of revenue and spurring purchases of other Apple devices, along with services like app subscriptions, movie downloads, and iCloud storage claims Bloomberg.

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