Nicki Minaj Calls Cardi B a ‘Disgusting Pig’ After NYFW Fight

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"It's insane for me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy", she said.

Cardi B's post received over 3.2 million likes and more than 301,000 comments since it was posted, so it's safe to say that Cardi's supporters are on her side. "I would never ridicule anyone's child".

The Superbass hitmaker was "mortified" by her altercation with the "Bodak Yellow" rapper at New York Fashion Week and was embarrassed by how they "made theirselves look". I wanna say that I would never discuss anyone's child.

But perhaps most notably, Minaj resurfaced an ongoing criticism of Cardi B. In 2017, the Bronx-born rapper drew heat from fans after she was accused of referring to dark-skinned black women as "roaches".

Nicki addressed the claims that she said disparaging remarks about Cardi's daughter Kulture. Period!" she said. "I'm not the bitches in the strip club and I'm not a bitch on a reality show. "I've let a lot of s*** slide!"

Just in case listeners didn't connect "Hard White" to the Cardi B altercation, Minaj added the hashtag #NYFW to her post.

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Cardi B had confirmed the alleged fight with Nicki on her Instagram and mentioned that "When you mention my child... all bets are f*cking off".

Nicki then addressed Cardi directly by saying QUOTE "You came into my f-in culture".

In a video obtained by Cosmopolitan, the mother-of-one is heard screaming: "I will f [expletive] you up!"

Who do you think is releasing the first diss record? Real bitches never attack a woman.

"Get this woman some help", she insists. "One of Cardi's assistants came and grabbed it and took it with her". It's not clear as to how she sustained the injury, but there is speculation that Cardi B was elbowed by someone in Nicki's security detail.

Nicki also appeared on Queen Radio Monday: 'You put your hands on certain people you gonna die. In fact, I'm writing this with the same sports bra I had on yesterday that smells of breast milk, and I'm anticipating what the next move will be for creating a success you already have. What are your thoughts on this whole Nicki Cardi B feud?

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