Trump's latest boast about the economy isn't even close to accurate

And he tweeted a video showing him winning the presidential election

And he tweeted a video showing him winning the presidential election

This time to tout his economic success, with the GDP growth rate hitting 4.2 percent for the last quarter and topping the unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, something Trump claimed "for the first time in 100 years". "Jobs in goods-producing industries - mining, construction and manufacturing - grew 3.3 percent in the year preceding July, the best rate since 1984, according to a Washington Post analysis".

Gasparino responded with a mix of snark and anger. Mr. Trump inaccurately tweeted earlier Monday. He reached beyond standard growth and jobs numbers to invoke a roaring Trump boom, enthusing over capital investment, business optimism, capital goods shipments and the purchasing managers index.

Obama, who reportedly has been running his "Organizing for America" operation, along with his White House aide Valerie Jarrett from his expensive home in a Washington neighborhood, spoke to a group of University of IL students last Friday, claiming it was his policies, not those of President Trump, that have produced the current economic boom. "What I do know is that's the highest in 10 years".

HORSLEY: Well, it may be that people are not giving President Trump credit for that positive economy, or it may simply be that however they feel about the economy, it's trumped by other things they think about the president. He noted that he wasn't sure who gave Trump the inaccurate information.

Hassett's press briefing was largely supportive of Trump's record on the economy, and the comments about the erroneous Twitter post came in response to a question from a reporter. I guess I have a magic wand, 4.2%, and we will do MUCH better than this!

But as of 3.15 pm in NY, shortly after Hassett conceded the error and hours after the claim was challenged in news stories, Trump's false tweet about GDP and unemployment remained online. "And at some point somebody probably conveyed it to him adding a zero to that and they shouldn't have done that".

Despite Trump tweet, Ford says it won't make hatchback in US
Earlier this year Ford cancelled all its smaller cars with the exception of the Mustang and the Focus Active . It will continue to sell the vehicle outside the states.

"When you hear how great the economy's doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started", Obama said.

The president did something last week I have long urged him to do.

It also wasn't clear why Trump focused on those numbers.

Obama's speech was part of a carefully coordinated strategy to win back a House majority for Democrats. Trump offered hope for former Obama voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that handed him the victory over Hillary in 2016.

Still, optimism doesn't automatically translate into more spending or jobs.

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