Google’s Inbox Email App Will Cease To Exist, Come March 2019

Google is Killing Inbox

Google is Shutting Down Inbox | News & Opinion

Now that the big Gmail redesign has arrived, Google is shedding some dead weight by retiring Inbox. Fortunately, because Inbox requires a Gmail account to use, all the messages in their Inbox account are also still on Gmail. It started with a single compose line for heaven's sake.

Firefox users and users of other browsers could change the user agent of the web browser to access Inbox.

As years rolled out, Inbox became more popular among its users, and later began rolling out forward-thinking feature like Smart Replies and Unified Inbox. Hailed as a way to speed up replies, it was merely suggesting short answers that anyone could type in a matter of seconds manually as well. It was conceived with mobile devices in mind and ditched a decade's worth of Gmail cruft in favor of tools focused on email efficiency, such as the way it displayed attachments right in the inbox view and incorporated a built-in task manager.

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The search giant said Wednesday that it would "say goodbye" to Inbox at the end of March 2019. The company launched a new interface for Gmail this year which introduced several Inbox features.

Things went quiet afterward and Google neglected Inbox for the most part. This included better sorting for email, as well as the ability to snooze emails to come back to your inbox tomorrow, next week or even a few months from now. Let us know in the comment section below. These users will have to switch back; good news is that the data itself remains the same and that users don't have to do any importing or exporting.

Inbox eventually opened up to the public in 2015, steadily picking up experimental, new features like gathering emails from an event, newsletter previewing, and an unsubscribe card which would appear when you didn't click on emails for a while.

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