Jaw-dropping images of Hurricane Florence from space

A high definition camera outside the International Space Station captured a NASA view of the eye of Hurricane Florence

A high definition camera outside the International Space Station captured a NASA view of the eye of Hurricane Florence

A massive swirl of white clouds is rotating across the surface of the Earth, and it's headed straight for the Carolinas.

NASA also recorded what it called "stark and sobering" video footage of Florence from the space station on Wednesday.

That's because, on the ground, the storm has brought mayhem.

"It's chilling, even from space."source Alexander Gerst/European Space Agency This photo shows what it looks like deep inside the eye of Hurricane Florence, a place of relative calm for such storms.source Alexander Gerst/European Space Agency The NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold has also been following the giant storm".

According to the forecast of meteorologists from the National centre for monitoring hurricanes, the US, South-East mainland territory of the country hurricane Florence will arrive on Thursday, September 13, and will hit the coast with wind speed above 230 km/h. "It's chilling, even from space", tweeted German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is aboard the space station.

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The video was taken on Tuesday as Florence churned across the Atlantic in a west-northwesterly direction with winds of 130 miles per hour.

"Watch out, America!" Gerst, who joined the crew of the International Space Station in June, said Wednesday in a tweet featuring pictures he took of Hurricane Florence.

It's the latest advisory - albeit from a different perspective - that residents from Maryland to Georgia should be prepared for a risky storm. Governors in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia have issued mandatory evacuations and lane reversals. On Tuesday, William "Brock" Long, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Florence "could be the most risky storm in the history of the Carolinas".

Images are coming out from the International Space Station that reflect the monstrous size of Florence expected to hammer the Carolinas.

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