Woman in Saudi Arabia questioned by police about breakfast with male coworker

A screenshot from the video shared among Saudis for two Saudi women one of them reveals part of her waist in the video

A screenshot from the video shared among Saudis for two Saudi women one of them reveals part of her waist in the video

The woman, who is draped head-to-toe in an Islamic niqab, can be seen waving to the camera and feeding the man - who was filming the event - with her hand. What do you think of Saudi Arabia's law and treatment of women? There, single men must eat separately with from women or vice versa. That is, at least when compared to a lovely parcel of oil wonderland named Saudi Arabia where women can not even show their faces in public.

Labour ministry officials said an inspection team visited the unidentified hotel in Mecca and detained the Egyptian worker for violations, including working in a profession restricted to Saudi citizens.

Women are also not allowed to go about many activities without being accompanied by a male guardian - often a male family member.

The Saudi authorities have arrested an Egyptian migrant worker, for "indecent" behavior contrary to Muslim morality: the man is in the police's sights, for having lunch in a hotel in the governorate of Jeddah (in photo) in a company of a woman colleague. The Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development also shared the news of his arrest on Twitter and published a statement saying that the Ministry had contacted the owner of the company where the Egyptian man and his colleague worked.

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But the point which has caused the most consternation comes at the end of the video, when the woman appears to feed the man.

Among a number of social reforms spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, women have been granted the right to drive, but activists are facing a clampdown on dissent.

But in April authorities closed a female fitness centre after a promotional video appeared to show women in tight gym clothes.

In June, Saudi Arabia fired the head of its entertainment authority, after a large online backlash against a circus featuring women wearing skintight leotards.

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