IPhone XR revealed: notched LCD, Face ID, and advanced single camera

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A look at the new iPhone X line

Another new camera trick is adjustable bokeh - you can snap a photo, and then adjust how blurry or sharp the background of your subject is.

There are some new tools to monitor how much time you spend looking at your phone and some tweaks to how notifications display. The "A12 Bionic" chip is said to make the iPhone more powerful than ever. It will come in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Polished Space Black, and a new Gold Stainless color. Additionally, there are three storage options for each: 64 GB, 256 GB, and - for the first time in an iPhone - 512 GB.

Both phones also offer dual SIM support (which is great if you travel internationally a lot).

The iPhone XS and XS Max will go on sale in Hong Kong on September 21, with the iPhone XR coming in late October. It was a low-priced, colourful version of the iPhone 5S that used slightly less expensive materials to produce a very nice, less expensive phone. That's not the case for the iPhone XR, at least during preorders.

The iPhone Xr is prices starting at $749 for the 64GB model. From a hardware perspective, the XR has pretty much the same tech as the Xs and Xs Max. Sticking with the premium pricing model they started a year ago, the Xs is priced at $1,000, and the Xs Max will set you back $1,100, making it most expensive production iPhone ever. Most folks keeping tabs on the brand were expecting updated AirPods, and at least some mention of the AirPower wireless charging mat that was previewed a year ago.

The Max is the Xs' bigger brother.

The iPhone XS Max starts at $1.099, and will also be available for pre-order on September 14.

Bar the camera and screen, the rest of the specifications are largely the same as the XS and XS Max.

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But it has one incredible feature that neither the XS or the XS Max has: It comes in yellow.

That brings me to pricing, a real issue when it comes to the iPhone XR.

It's the biggest iPhone ever, with a whopping 6.5 inch display (up from the 5.8 inch screen on the XS model). Apple has expanded the capabilities of the Watch 4 significantly with a new set of sensors.

"This update really establishes the company's increasing efforts to push the watch as a serious medical device", he said of Apple.

"I believe Series 4 will sell better than all previous models". One large one is the ability to detect falls and call emergency services on your behalf if you're unresponsive.

The dial on the side, called the digital crown, now has haptic feedback to feel vibrations. The latter feature has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company said.

Additionally, a new function will monitor heart rate for both low activity and for atrial fibrillation ("AFib").

The Apple Watch Series 4 will let users take an electrocardiogram, or ECG, and share it with their doctor. The first is the LCD, a 6.1-inch, 326ppi panel with the weird resolution of 1,792 by 828 pixels. Although the watchOS 5 public beta has been available for a while, the full version is being launched on September 17. Older iPhones also qualify, and so do handsets made by other device makers.

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