Trump rejects Puerto Rico hurricane latest death toll

Massive stockpile of bottled water found in Puerto Rico a year after Maria

Possibly Millions Of Water Bottles Meant For Hurricane Maria Victims Left On Tarmac In Puerto Rico

Trump said there were "6 to 18 deaths" shortly after the storm hit Puerto Rico in 2017.

Colbert then talked about how the death toll hadn't received the press it deserved.

Almost a year after Hurricane Maria barreled across the Caribbean and devastated Puerto Rico, the island has become the focal point of a stormy political debate involving Congress and the White House over how the Trump Administration responded to the disaster. In recent days, Trump publicly lauded his own administration's response to Maria and privately groused over storm-related news coverage that he saw as overly focused on Puerto Rico, according to two Republican advisers close to the White House who weren't authorized to speak publicly.

Ron DeSantis also disagreed with Trump's unsubstantial claims of an inflated death toll.

An independent study commissioned by the Puerto Rican government had concluded about 3 000 people died.

But the study's results have been embraced by Puerto Rico officials as likely accurate after months of standing by early reports of just 64 deaths. Numerous deaths were attributed to power failures and a lack of access to healthcare and clean water, according to a study from the George Washington University.

The study - done by the school's Milken Institute of Public Health - reported that the deaths occurred between September of last year and February of this year. "The people that went through this, they know what happened", Cora said.

The politics of the Thursday-morning tweets are rough.

She added that the attitude from the administration is unacceptable and that "we have a moral obligation to do better, not only to finish the job of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, but to prevent the same type of inadequate response from ever happening again". A US territory since 1898, Puerto Rico's inhabitants are citizens, though they can not vote in presidential elections and have only one congressional representative with limited voting powers.

General view of a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 23, 2017.

"It's been done very efficiently and very well", he added, referencing the recovery efforts.

Carolina coast battening down, boarding up as hurricane nears
It was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane before coming ashore near Wrightsville Beach close to Wilmington, North Carolina. Governors of those states have already declared states of emergency, as have the governors of Virginia and Maryland.

Abdiel Santana, a member of a Puerto Rican police agency tasked with emergency response, shared photos on Facebook of a vast number of boxes covered in blue tarp on an airport runway.

"I don't know who picked the number 3,000", Graham said.

"You will never take away our self respect". Salon notes that nobody corrected him by pointing out that Puerto Rico is a territory of the US.

The president visited the Houston area a year ago in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and got blasted by many for not showing empathy toward the survivors.

Next week, we'll have some stories about how Puerto Rico has yet to recover.

When Trump visited Puerto Rico, the death toll at the time was indeed 16 people.

What's the United States political reaction?

"Everything is about him and political posturing", Cruz said.

Democrats immediately had cutting words for the president, with various lawmakers calling his tweets "horrifying" and an attempt to "gaslight our nation". The loss of any life is tragic; the extent of lives lost as a result of Maria is heart wrenching. "So I have no reason to dispute those numbers". And that's really no one's fault.

Why were 20,000 pallets of water left on a runway?

We still. you see the hurricanes forming now. "It was devastating. It was a awful storm". The study also examined mortality rates during the period after Hurricane Maria, and compared them to the same time period over the previous seven years. Chávez said he only became aware of the bottled water on Tuesday and does not know why it is there, how it got there or how long it has been there.

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