FDA Takes ‘Historic Action’ On Youth E-Cigarette ‘Epidemic’

A Juul vaping system with accessory pods in varying flavors on May 02 2018 in Washington DC

US government considers ban on flavored e-cigarettes over youth 'epidemic'

Vandeveld says anyone under 18 isn't allowed in the store, even if they're accompanied by an adult.

More than 2 million middle and high school students were current users of e-cigarettes in 2017 - the most commonly used tobacco product by youth, the FDA said in a release.

Most of the violations found in the undercover blitz, conducted from June through August, were for the illicit sale of Vuse, Blu, JUUL, MarkTen XL and Logic e-cigarette products, according to the FDA. His group and several others are suing the FDA over a decision to delay federal review of most e-cigarettes.

Juul owns about 72 percent of the US market for e-cigarette sales, according to Wells Fargo.

Two of the companies Gottlieb called out just happen to be owned by RJ Reynolds and Altria.

Juul and four other manufacturers, which Gottlieb said control 97% of the market, are now required to provide plans to mitigate youth sales within 60 days or face potential criminal or civil action.

The agency is giving makers of some of the most prevalent vaping devices 60 days to submit plans showing they can keep their products away from teens. "And we're severely enthusiastic by a coverage commerce that may perchance perchance presumably end result in the quick removal of these flavored merchandise from the market".

The issued warning letters and fines this year to retailers that sold a popular form of e-cigarette, JUUL, to minors. In May, they were warned, but they are still advertising and selling the violative products. The order was part of a sweeping government action that targeted both makers and sellers of e-cigarettes. Another 130 stores were issued fines from $279 to a high of $11,182 for repeat offenses.

If the companies refuse to revise their marketing practices or prove they are willing to cut off retailers that sell their products to children, then the will knock them out of the market until they make reforms.

"Tooday, we can see that this epidemic of addiction was emerging when we first announced our plan last summer", Gottlieb said.

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"We see clear signs that youth use of electronic cigarettes has reached an epidemic proportion", Gottlieb said.

Gottlieb called the action "historic" and said it was the largest coordinated enforcement effort in the agency's history.

Also, the agency is probing manufacturer's online shops for "straw" purchases in which buyers resell products to minors.

Others, however, urged the FDA to go further and make good on its threat to limit flavors. More generally, the FDA wants Juul and the other companies to contemplate "the particular youth appeal of their products", which involves features, such as style and convenience, that adults also happen to like. The academy said Gottlieb has the authority to intervene in the market to protect minors, and any further delay runs the risk that "a generation of young people will become addicted to these unsafe products".

Rapidly after the open, the FDA cracked down on e-liquids marketed to resemble child-reliable meals fancy juice containers, candy and cookies. Ingredients also include glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor and benzoic acid. It comes in sweet flavors like mango and fruit medley, and delivers a powerful dose of nicotine, putting kids at greater risk of addiction.

"I certainly am in possession of evidence that warrants that", Gottlieb said, without disclosing the evidence. And it highlighted e-cigarettes' role as a way for adult smokers to transition off cigarettes.

San Francisco-based Juul said it is working to prevent underage use of its products but added that flavors can help adult smokers quit.

"Adolescents and young adults are perceiving them to be a completely harmless or riskless alternative to combustible tobacco products", Kirshenbaum said. Many public-health groups believe such flavors entice young people to try the devices.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the manufacturers have welcomed the work from the FDA promising to cooperate with the request. But it's how these products are advertised that has caught the attention of the FDA.

However, he seemed reluctant to give up on flavored nicotine, because he said it appeals to adult cigarette smokers.

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