Formula 1 Ferrari Concept Car Shown by Ross Brawn in Singapore

Here's What Formula 1 Wants Its Cars To Look Like In 2021

F1 reveals new car designs for 2021

Some of the concepts show that the halo above the cockpit is stylistically more integrated with the car's design while others show how the design team are looking at controlling the airflow over the wheels. When you get into that condition where you're two or three vehicle lengths behind, then you're losing grip, the tires degrade more, and it becomes very challenging.

How do we want to continue to develop cars that are handsome for the public? "With the current cars, when they get to within two to three vehicle lengths, they can lose 50 per cent of performance, the tyres degrade more and it becomes very challenging".

Brawn showed three different concept designs and said the 2021 cars would incorporate the best features from all of them. I think one of the things you can see on these cars, the bigger wheels which we plan to go to in 2021, is we give a more modern feel to the vehicle.

"At the moment, we've got designs which only lose 20 percent [of aerodynamic performance], so they're 80 percent of their performance".

"I'm definitely going to be driving if cars look like this".

"The prime goal of what we are doing is to try and produce cars that are more the moment we've got designs that only lose 20 per cent of their performance".

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"So the prime objective of the work we are doing is trying to produce cars which are more raceable". The image below represents a guideline into how the new cars could look.

Encouragingly, the former Ferrari technical director has confirmed that the main aim of the new design rules will indeed be to ensure drivers can follow each other more closely.

Formula One showed off a vision of its auto of the future on Friday (Sep 14) and world champion Lewis Hamilton liked what he saw, even if Ferrari were less excited.

"Our Formula 2 cars, for instance, lose less performance when they're racing together".

"The cars are pretty impressive now but if they continue to develop at the rate they're developing there will be a need to pull it back", he said. The new IndyCar is quite good in that respect, and we've been sharing some information with IndyCar on their experiences. "It frustrates me when a vehicle in a video game looks better than a auto that we're racing out on the track", he added.

"It is the first time that F1 has majored on these aspects".

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