NASA posts phenomenal video of Hurricane Florence from station

NASA Commemorates 9/11 with New

Astronauts had to use super wide-angle lens to photograph Hurricane Florence because it’s so huge

The football-field-size laboratory moves at a clip of roughly 17,500 miles per hour to stay in constant free-fall (what we call an orbit) around the planet. Its maximum sustained winds have dropped slightly to 110 miles per hour.

When asked about Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport, he said if the site is going to be hit with hurricane force winds, operators will shut it down at least two hours prior to the expected impact, and operators will stay on site through the storm.

They showed us instruments that function nearly like weather balloons, that are dropped into the storm to gather data that satellites can't. Parts of the Carolinas could see 50 cm to 76 cm, with isolated areas getting 101 cm, over seven days along the coast.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter warned of the storm's dangers and praised his administration's handling of past hurricanes, rejecting criticism for its response to Hurricane Maria a year ago in Puerto Rico.

The group left early Wednesday morning from Rockville.

Expected to make landfall by Friday, the impact of the storm will be widespread, with destructive winds, life-threatening storm surge, unsafe surf, torrential rainfall, flooding and the potential for tornadoes.

"So right now, we're thinking it's going to be tropical-storm-force conditions for the Beaufort area, but I would not rule out the potential for hurricane force winds or hurricane force conditions for Beaufort County". "We'll handle it. We're ready, we're able".

National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina, said the latest models show Florence reaching a "ridge" building over the eastern USA, stalling and then moving into SC.

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Trump declared states of emergency for North and SC and Virginia, opening the way for federal aid. Upon its arrival, the National Hurricane Center projects that Florence could drop anywhere from 20-40 inches of rain along the Carolina coast.

On Wednesday, people across the region rushed to buy bottled water and other supplies, board up their homes, pull their boats out of the water and get out of town. "Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you", Gerst writes.

Boarding up his home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Chris Pennington watched the forecasts and tried to decide when to leave.

On Wednesday, we got an inside look at the planes at Lakeland Linder Airport.

"People do not live and survive to tell the tale about what their experience is like with storm surge", he said. She has worked as a senior manager in public relations and communications for major telecommunication companies, and is the former Deputy Director for Media Relations with the Modern Coalition.

"Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said 59 shelters were either opened or will open by Thursday in his state and he urged residents in the areas expected to be hard hit to be vigilant".

And while the Carolinas prep for Florence tomorrow, there are others in the Atlantic - and a tropical storm near Hawaii - that also pose danger as 2018's Atlantic hurricane season reaches its peak.

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