Sydney customer finds needle in 'Delightful' punnet of strawberries

Australians warned to cut up strawberries after people report finding needles inside

Warning over needles in strawberries

It's a crime so odd that any motive seems almost inconceivable.

An urgent recall was originally issued on Wednesday following the discovery of needles planted inside the fruit, with Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young advising anyone who has purchased strawberries from the Berry Liscious and Berry Obsession brands to dispose of their fruit immediately.

Three more punnets were found contaminated with needles on Friday, according to ABC Australia.

South West grower and market agent Paul Da Silva, from Grower Connect, said the wholesale price had fallen 50 to 70 per cent, compared with a week ago, even though WA had not imported strawberries from Queensland for a decade.

WA Strawberry Growers Association spokesman Jamie Michael said strawberries in WA shops and markets at this time of year were all grown in WA, so there was no risk of sabotaged fruit from Queensland being imported.

On Thursday, Queensland police announced they were also investigating a suspected copycat incident after a metal rod was discovered on top of strawberries inside a plastic punnet at Coles in Gatton.

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One Australian woman posted photos online showing the needles inside strawberries her 10-year-old son was eating. "It is simply unacceptable".

Strawberry prices have dropped around the country. You've got more chance of winning lotto than being affected'.

Coles and Aldi have removed all brands of fresh strawberries from their shelves in every state except Western Australia.

"We are looking at points of the chain from growth all the way to distribution into the stores, we're keeping a very open mind", he said.

"This is a serious issue and it just begs the question, how could any right-minded person want to put a baby or child or anybody's health at risk by doing such a terrible act?" she said.

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