McDonald's workers, activists protest alleged sexual harassment in 10 cities, including Chicago

McDonald's workers walk out in 10 US cities over 'sexual harassment epidemic'

Kansas City McDonald's workers to join nationwide protest on sexual harassment

McDonald's said there was "no place for harassment" at its restaurants. Cervantes has worked for multiple McDonald's restaurants in the Chicago area, and her daughter also works for the company.

Employees in 10 cities are participating, including Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco.

"It made me feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and afraid at work", she stated.

The group is asking the EEOC to consolidate and investigate all 10 charges filed in May and any additional allegations of sexual harassment that are still pending.

Bolstered by the success of the #MeToo movement, where high-profile women have decried sexual harassment in the workplace, they are hoping the strike will highlight the plight of women and LGBT workers in low-paid jobs who face similar issues on a daily basis but whose struggles rarely make the headlines.

It will be one of the only nationwide walkouts to protest sexual harassment with the last one being in 1912 when employees of the Kalamazoo Corset Company went on strike.

She said she left McDonald's for a while in 2017 and is now working at a different store.

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McDonald's workers across the US are planning to walk out during lunchtime Tuesday in an effort to push the company to take a firmer stance against sexual harassment in the workplace.

After these incidents another co-worker took her into the men's bathroom, pinned her against a wall, exposed himself and tried to have sex with her.

Harrell was among several protest organizers who filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in May, alleging pervasive harassment at some of McDonald's franchise restaurants.

In Harrell's May complaint filed against McDonald's operator Jamjomar Louisiana, she said she felt "helpless" after supervisors ignored her complaints about an employee touching her constantly without her consent.

Employees shouldn't have to "choose between a paycheck and enduring abuse", said Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women's Law Center, which administers the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund.

The strike is related to the Fight For $15 movement, in which workers are calling for a better minimum wage. Harrell says she is still dealing with the impact of her experience at McDonald's. She said all the women she knows in fast food have examples or know of people who have been affected.

"We are committed to cultivating a work environment that is reflective of our values, and we will not tolerate mistreatment of anyone", Lonardo said. "We will continue - as we always have - to look at ways to do even more to ensure that McDonald's values are reflected in every restaurant, every day". "We are uniquely equipped to both continuously improve our workplace and forge ahead in fulfilling our mission to empower workers to improve their own lives and workplaces".

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