Netflix finally comes to Sky Q but there's a catch

Netflix on Sky Q

Sky bundles Netflix in bid to break into more homes

The new Ultimate On Demand package will cost £10 per month, and it combines Sky Box Sets (normally £5 per month, and featuring over 400 USA and United Kingdom shows) with Netflix's huge library of TV shows and movies.

It will cost €16 a month for all new and existing customers alongside their Sky Q subscription, and with a 31-day rolling contract available.

Netflix is finally coming to Sky Q and the satellite TV broadcaster has unveiled how it will be integrating the service into its own service. It will also mean that Netflix programming is integrated into the Sky Q interface rather than accessible.

Sky Q Premium users, meanwhile, will get the Netflix UHD package, offering 4K video where available and up to four simultaneous streams.

The type of Netflix subscription on offer depends on your Sky Q package.

To be very clear, though, that £10 fee for Ultimate on Demand includes a subscription to standard Netflix.

Any customers on Sky+ will have to upgrade to Sky Q (and buy the 2TB box) if they want the joys of the new TV package (and 4K picture quality, of course). This amounts to more than 2,000 hours of Ultra HD content across Sky and Netflix.

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The business of media is now on-demand and the Sky-Netflix integration plays into the hands of savvy consumers who want all their entertainment on one place.

Note: You will need to have an existing Sky Q Entertainment subscription (£20 per month).

Not only is it a little daunting when you open a streaming service or TV/Movie subscription and have to choose between everything they have to offer, but choosing between the streaming services and/or the TV/Movie subscriptions can be hard all by itself.

In terms of watching Netflix and Sky content on the go, we can confirm that while content mixes in Sky Q, titles available to download can only be watched through their origin maker's app, be that Sky Go or Netflix.

Chief executive of Sky's United Kingdom and Ireland operation, Stephen van Rooyen, said: "We want Sky Q to be the number one destination for TV fans".

Netflix on Sky: How much will it cost?

However, the idea that you can streamline your content collection, which increasingly is being split across a wide-number of services, each with their own separate ecosystem and payment methods, into one buttery smooth, all-inclusive experience that is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, is simply not offered anywhere else and definitely turned T3's head.

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