LeBron James taps Ryan Coogler and Terrance Nance for Space Jam sequel

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In Space Jam: Michael Jordan agrees to help the Looney Tunes play a basketball game vs. alien slavers to determine their freedom.

James' SpringHill Entertainment first tweeted the news with a photo of a locker room and the crew that will make the movie.

Ryan Coogler, the director of "Black Panther" and "Creed", was also credited as a producer for the project in the image. LeBron James, of course, will star in the film alongside Bugs Bunny.

The long-awaited sequel to "Space Jam" - the 1996 live action-animated film starring National Basketball Association legends Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing - is finally moving forward. The biggest and most important wrinkle is that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has boarded the project.

The original Space Jam mixed live action and animation, featuring basketball star Michael Jordan alongside the Looney Tunes cartoon characters. For his part, LeBron James praised Coogler's vision on Marvel's solo superhero effort. "It's so much bigger".

Still no indication of a Space Jam 2 released date at this time.

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"So for Ryan to be able to bring that to kids, it's awesome", he added.

"I'd just love for kids to understand how empowered they can feel and how empowered they can be if they don't just give up on their dreams", James said.

Coogler's attachment comes in the wake of the blockbuster success of "Black Panther", which grossed more than $1.3 billion worldwide.

It will be James' first starring role in a Hollywood film, though he's not exactly a newcomer to the acting scene.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

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