Sex claim against top court pick should be heard: Trump aide

Sen. Dianne Feinstein at a hearing in the Hart Office Senate Building

Kavanaugh Doubles Down on Denial – But Makes Secret Visit to White House

Banks said Ford was not motivated by politics, but ultimately chose to provide her account "so that those making a very important decision can make an informed decision with all the facts".

"Professor Ford should have a full opportunity to tell her story before the Judiciary Committee, and Judge Kavanaugh should have a full opportunity to defend himself".

"Anyone who comes forward as Dr. Ford has deserves to be heard, so I will continue working on a way to hear her out in an appropriate, precedented and respectful manner", Grassley said.

Ms Katz also denied that Ms Ford, a Democrat, is politically motivated.

At the White House, Trump said, "If it takes a little delay, it will take a little delay". Moderates in both parties including pivotal Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said Kavanaugh and Ford should be given the chance to testify before the committee, a move that could delay the confirmation process.

Lawmakers have not, however, made any such request for her testimony, the lawyer said.

But Mr. Trump brushed aside the suggestion that Judge Kavanaugh withdraw: "What a ridiculous question".

The Senate Leadership Fund, a leading GOP super PAC with links to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told ABC News that the group is "still evaluating" their options in light of the allegation against Kavanaugh.

Ford did not tell anyone of the incident until 2012, when she discussed it with her therapist.

That the president's senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, swiftly advocated listening to the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault points to the power of the #MeToo movement - and of women in politics. Now, he holds political leverage that could thwart Trump's push for Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court. She said he pinned her on a bed, tried to undress her and clamped his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream, and she escaped only when a friend of his jumped on the bed and knocked them all over.

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Amid the uproar, Republicans continued to express anger Monday that Ford's allegations did not surface until after Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings. Even if the allegations are true, she does not believe they should disqualify the nominee, "because I don't think that's the kind of life that he's led".

For now, it's unclear if the Republicans who control the Senate Judiciary Committee will allow Ford to testify publicly.

"I wish the Democrats could have done this a lot sooner, because they had this information for many months".

"If it takes a little delay it'll take a little delay", Mr. Trump said - though he added it "shouldn't be much delay".

Kavanaugh denied the allegation in a statement the White House provided to the Post.

Hatch has been one of the fiercest supporters of pushing forward with Kavanaugh's nomination, despite the allegations.

Many GOP activists stood firmly by Kavanaugh amid the firestorm and prepared for a drawn-out battle over his nomination. The two both testified publicly before Congress, and Thomas was eventually confirmed in the closest Supreme Court confirmation vote in more than a century.

Which way Kavanaugh's nomination goes - to the high court or down in defeat - is all about the math of votes in the 100-member Senate. "With the one-vote margin on the committee, Jeff Flake has the power to stop Kavanaugh, and to humiliate Trump".

"She believes that but for his inebriation and his inability to take her clothes off, he would have raped her", Katz said. The letter's contents leaked last week and Ford identified herself in an interview with the Washington Post published on Sunday.

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