Twitter to restore users' ability to see tweets chronologically

Getty Images  Leon Neal

Getty Images Leon Neal

Today, Twitter is rolling out a change that might undo some of this heightened sentiment.

Twitter announced the move somewhat subtly in a series of tweets late Monday.

As of right now, you can switch off the "Show the best Tweets first" setting.

This would appear to solve the problem for users who just want see the tweets from the people they follow in the order in which they were tweeted.

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Twitter is once again shaking up the order in which its users see tweets - by bringing back the purely chronological feed. The catch for advertisers is that Twitter has long claimed the algorithm it started using in 2016 displaying the most relevant tweets first created more engagement, and that users who opted in to the "Show best Tweets first" timeline tended to be more active on the app.

It's great that Twitter is finally listening to its users after so much criticism for turning a blind eye to things like abuse and third-party app support. Now, the microblogging site has announced that users will be given the option of reverting to the classic reverse-chronological order feed. The internet has collectively been begging Twitter to return to their old timeline method, and it looks like they were heard. Previously when unticked this option, your timeline would show tweets that you'd miss, and also recommended tweets from accounts that you don't follow.

What will be impacted are organic posts from brands and marketers. In other words, there will be two different timelines that you can easily switch between: the most relevant tweets (algorithmic), and the latest tweets (chronological). In essence, it'll be the best of both worlds, allowing users to follow along at a frenetic pace, or step away for a while and trust that Twitter's algorithms will surface tweets you're most likely to engage with. With more than ten years of marketing management experience, she has contributed to a variety of traditional and online publications, including,, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.

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