Arkansas health officials report out-of-season uptick in flu cases

Health Officials Say Now is The Time to Get Your Flu Shot

A Fun Way To Be Flu Free

The CDC recommends that you get your vaccination now, on the eve of the 2018-19 flu season, before it picks up steam in October. The institution with the highest percentage of vaccination coverage based on undergraduate student population will be presented with a traveling trophy from the NJDOH.

The most common viruses are those of Types A and B for which everyone must be vaccinated.

With the flu challenge just starting, Mansfield and the Student Health Services Department are hopeful that the numbers will be great and that they will get the vaccinations.

A government program also pays for shots for low-income children. Certain people are more likely to have serious health problems if they get the flu.

Officials are encouraging people to get flu shots as soon as possible. Officials said it's an easy, convenient way for residents to get vaccinated against the flu without ever having to leave their vehicles. They also tend to be hospitalized for at least four days less than those without a vaccine.

The age recommendation for Fluarix Equivalent, which uses mammalian culture rather than chicken embryos, was changed from 3 years old and older to 6 months and older. That's not to mention the heavy toll of hospitalizations and deaths that occur mainly among people 65 and older. Vaccines are available at pharmacies and most doctors' offices and the health department. "So those of us that are healthy individuals, to be able to get it, will protect those individuals that are not able to receive the vaccine".

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Of the 180 children who died in the previous year, 80 percent, or 144 of them, did not receive the vaccine during the season, the CDC said.

Dr. Ford says the flu hasn't hit her waiting room yet.

The flu vaccine is safe and does not cause the flu. The quadrivalent vaccine contains antigens from four strains of influenza virus. The others protect against three.

Six cases at this time of year is "normal early activity season", which typically starts with a handful of cases every week in September or October, Baber said.

It estimates anywhere from 9.2 to 35.6 million people get illnesses from the flu each year.

Kaiser Permanente will open all seasonal flu clinics throughout Southern California on Saturday, Sept. 22, and urges all members to get their no-cost vaccinations early.

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