Google Assistant gets a new design on phones

Google Starts to Monetize Voice By Bringing Paid Digital Goods, Subscriptions to Google Assistant

Google Assistant has bigger images and new interactive elements

A new Google Assistant redesign is rolling out now to smartphones. There are also improvements coming to Google sign-ins to make this process easier.

The make-over gives developers and brands new tools to utilise touchscreen within "Assistant" itself. Assuming the user has an Android phone, the redesigned Google Assistant also provides easier access to the user's daily overview.

As well, Google says Assistant on mobile now has an interactive messaging interface, this making it easier to quickly edit messages. The My Day swipe-up gesture is rolling out more widely. Developers and brands can start putting Assistant and its custom results to work for them. Thanks to this, Starbucks, for example, presents thumbnails for menu items, making it easier for the user to make their selections. Food Network has bigger images to show off recipes. According to Google, almost half of all interactions with Assistant - both within the app and with smart home products like Google Home smart speakers - involve both voice and touch. Assistant users will be able to use Google's Sign-In for the Assistant protocols, once app developers implement it, to seamlessly sign into their Google accounts without typing passwords.

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When Google Assistant was first introduced, it was all about voice control.

Digital purchases in Actions could include things like premium subscriptions. The Action gets linked to the user's Google account. You can subscribe to the premium version of the services by voice and choose between plans. These new tools should make Actions on Google a more intriguing platform for developers. The refreshed client, available for both Android and iPhone, combines voice and touch-based elements to deliver a more intuitive experience that also closely resembles the other apps getting UI overhauls.

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