Shocking! India tops selfie deaths

More than 250 people died taking selfies from Oct. 2011 to Nov

More than 250 people died taking selfies from Oct. 2011 to Nov

The researchers said selfie-related deaths are likely higher than their count.

Most victims were men (72 per cent) under the age of 30.

Mumbai has declared 16 "no selfie zones" after a spate of deaths.

Our interest in capturing selfies has introduced a new problem: a rise in selfie deaths, suggest a new study.

More than half of those deaths happened in India, but Russian Federation, the United States and Pakistan filled out the top four, according to researchers.

Even though more women take selfies overall, more men died in selfie-related incidents.

Beware of the pursuit of that ideal selfie-it could get you killed. Drowning was the most common cause of death, such as when someone got washed away by waves on a beach or when a boat capsized while the person tried to take a selfie.

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Most importantly, researchers differentiated selfie-related deaths from deaths due to using your smartphone.

However, the researchers claim that the actual number of selfie deaths could be much higher because they are never named as the cause of death. Where transport is concerned many accidents took place when people snapped photos in front of moving trains. It was the the third wild animal-related selfie fatality in the region of India in less than a year.

But there are nearly infinite places where it is ill-advised to take a selfie, and as the researchers noted in the study, the number of deaths they identified from media reports is almost certainly an undercount.

Unsurprisingly, the United States led in the number of selfie deaths involving a firearm - people accidentally shooting themselves while posing with guns.

"But if that selfie is accompanied with risky behaviour then that's what makes the selfies unsafe".

Based on the statistics, authors of the study recommend installing "no selfies zones" in tourist-friendly areas like bodies of water, mountain peaks and tall buildings to decrease the risk of selfie-related deaths. Just within the past four months, there have been two reported selfie deaths where people have fallen from great heights trying to get the ideal picture.

People take selfies with the elephants at the 14th annual King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Bangkok on March 10, 2016.

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