Cristiano Ronaldo: Sponsors could SUE Juventus star if rape claims proved

FIFA 19 Cover Star Under Fire Following Serious Allegation, EA

EA removes Cristiano Ronaldo from FIFA 19 social media channels as it monitors rape allegations

Italian champions Juventus on Thursday said rape allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo do not change their opinion of their superstar player, but United States sportswear giant Nike said it was "deeply concerned".

Ronaldo, perhaps the most high profile footballer on the planet, had originally been the face of the game - which was released just two weeks ago.

Kathryn Mayorga sued Ronaldo in a district court in Clark County, Nevada, alleging he raped her in 2009 in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse suite.

Ronaldo is a playable player in the flagship EA Sports game, and is featured prominently on menu screens and in other parts in the game.

EA Sports uses Ronaldo as the face of their huge Federation Internationale de Football Association gaming franchise - with this year's latest edition featuring the Juve ace on the cover.

In an email to The Associated Press, Nike said: "We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to closely monitor the situation".

The top of the Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 section of the EA website prominently showcased Ronaldo wearing the famed black-and-white Juventus jersey until at least Sunday.

By close of markets on Friday they had dropped to 1.19 euro following a 9.92% drop on Friday alone.

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Meanwhile, his club is standing firmly behind him despite the allegations.

Juventus paid €112 million (then $132m) to sign Ronaldo from Real Madrid in July in an attempt to elevate the club's global appeal and win the Champions League.

In them they said the alleged events "dating back to nearly 10 years ago" do not change their opinion of the player, who they described as a "great champion". It's also worth mentioning that the Portugal national team did not list Ronaldo on its roster for games later this month when it revealed its roster Thursday.

"Juventus go for goal".

But ever since Cristiano Ronaldo's rape case came into light, there have been few who have come out to support the superstar and a lot of them have either been family or close friends.

The defending Serie A champions' tweets were widely panned on social media as "shockingly dismissive and insensitive".

Ronaldo has vehemently denied the accusations.

Ronaldo has denied all allegations, writing on Twitter that rape "goes against everything that I am and believe in" and that he awaits the results of the investigation "with tranquility".

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