Google Assistant can now hail an Uber or Lyft

You can now ask Google Assistant to book you a ride to your destination

Google Assistant finally lets you book Uber, Lyft rides

Being able to see all wait times and prices in one place without having to switch back and forth between apps could be the difference between you making it on time to the meeting or walking in sheepishly late. Users will now be able to ask Assistant, Google's digital assistant, to book cabs with the help of their Android phones, iPhone, Google Home, or any other Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker.

Google Assistant can now help you book a ride-hailing service and get a vehicle sent your way, but it'll still need some help at the end.

Google (GOOG -3.1%)(GOOGL -3.2%) Assistant can now compare ride-hailing prices at Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) then summon the auto. Users can now just ask Google's digital assistant to book cabs for them. Today, Google announced that it will roll out a new feature to its personal assistant this week to allow you to book a ride using your voice.

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Upon selecting a particular ride option, the user will be redirected to the app instantly from where he/she can confirm the booking.

It appears that developers are wasting no time taking advantage of Google Assistant's new capabilities.

Now Google is upping the ante by integrating rideshare and taxi services directly into the Assistant. More languages will be supported in the coming months. The user can then choose which service they want to tap. Tapping on an option will take you right into Uber or Lyft to show you pricing and exact wait times for drivers. If you have a preference, you can simply ask Google Assistant to "book a Lyft/Uber (or the name of your preferred rise-share service) to the Disney Store". While the feature has been unveiled for English language support, Google claims that the feature will be present for other languages soon.

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