Toddler shreds more than $1000 in cash

Why do we ask kids what they want to be when they grow

Why do we ask kids what they want to be when they grow

They started tearing the house apart to search for the cash - under the rugs, in the drawers, in the couch, even in the garbage, News4Utah reported. The Department of Treasury said they might be eligible to get all their money back - in two years.

Jackee said their son helps shred all of their bills and other documents, so he was familiar with the shredder.

Ben shared a snap of a sheepish-looking Leo - and the shredded cash - on Twitter afterwards.

Jackee and Ben Belnap had managed to save $1,060, carefully tucked into an envelope that they were going to send to Ben's parents to repay them for the cost of season tickets to root on their favorite college football team. When the envelope disappeared, they realized it had been shredded.

Hope, and perhaps the money, may not lost for the couple. The money that they had carefully saved up for season tickets wound up in the paper shredder-and 2-year-old Leo is the prime suspect.

"I'm digging through the trash", Ben Belnap told KSL, "and [Jackee] hollers and says, 'I found it'".

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"We just, for like five minutes, we just shuffled through it, not talking", Jackee told KSL.

"Honestly in my heart, I said some day this is going to be really amusing", Ben agreed, adding that most parents only have to deal with their kids drawing on their walls. "Majority are just amusing, and we laugh about them for days and big jokes, but this was one of those moments that wasn't his greatest, but we love him", said mom Jackee.

2-year-old Leo Belnap might have been frustrated with Utah's loss to Washington State on Saturday.

'Your money is important, ' the agency said on their website. Ben says he found out about a government department that deals with mutilated cash.

As for Leo, his parents say he's banned from using the shredder anytime soon.

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