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Jodie appeared on the show to talk about the new series

Jodie appeared on the show to talk about the new series

The Woman Who Fell To Earth, a new episode of the BBC science fiction drama, has just aired in the United Kingdom, introducing audiences to Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, a role she claimed in July previous year amid increasing calls for it to go to a woman.

"Back when I was revealed, I hadn't shot any of it yet, so I was still like: 'Please be good!"

"JODIE WHITTAKER IS KILLING IT AS THE DOCTOR", posted one person on Twitter.

However, it did still not take away from just how phenomenal Jodie Whittaker was as The Doctor, with her winning plaudits for her portrayal of the Time Lord. When the Doctor appears and starts talking about other worlds, she barely bats an eyelid. It would be an understatement to say that viewers enjoyed the new iteration of the Doctor.

The Doctor has had multiple companions in the past, but this feels more like a proper ensemble.

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But my favourite change in the show is in the writing. She is the first female lead in the 55-year-old, science-fiction series and her inaugural episode premiered Sunday night.

If the show carries on in this vein, it's going to be one hell of a season. But also all that hard work is done because, Chris Chibnall the show runner is such an incredible writer that it's all there on the page and you don't need to have an encyclopaedic knowledge to watch the show.

And you can also check out more Doctor Who stories from including.

Most importantly for the children in the audience, we were able to communicate both the excitement of scientific research, and the feasibility of becoming a professional scientist regardless of your background. Personally, I'd rather have seen all four of them go off on an adventure with the Doctor but sadly, it was not to be... or was it?

Jodie Whittaker has gone on record already saying that she finds the negative response "ridiculous", as its high time for a woman Doctor. What she learned from her binge watching was "how inclusive it is". Can there be any better role model for budding young scientists?

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