Ruby Rose Debuts as The CW's Batwoman

Ruby Rose Suits Up As Kate Kane In First Official Batwoman Photo

First Image of Ruby Rose as Batwoman Reveals a New Caped Crusader

This first look at Batwoman comes as the crossover begins shooting in Vancouver BC. But now, we actually have an official look at her in costume, and the title of the CW's best superhero look might just have a new owner.

The character, who will appear in a December 9 crossover event, will be the first LGBTQ character to have her own series in the "Arrowverse".

The CW unveiled the first photo of Ruby Rose in costume as Kate Kane's superhero alter-ego on Tuesday, showing the actress rocking a bat suit, cape, cowl and the character's trademark red wig.

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It has been confirmed that DC's Legends of Tomorrow will sit this crossover event out, keeping in mind that there is still a fourth show involved as a pilot episode starring Ruby Rose as Batwoman is in development.

Fans were incredibly excited that a queer woman was cast in the role, as Batwoman is one of the highest-profile lesbian superheroes in comics, and fans are hoping to see her sexuality represented when she heads to screens later this year.

"Elseworlds" begins with The Flash on December 9th, followed by Arrow on December 10th and Supergirl on December 11th. "Critics also accused Rose of not being a lesbian since she also refers to herself as gender-fluid". If everything goes according to plan, Rose will also headline her own Batwoman series as the network is now developing a stand-alone series around the character, too. I'm also an emotional wreck. because this is a childhood dream.

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