Trump Comes To Orlando To Speak To Law Enforcement

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein plans to join President Trump on Air Force One

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with President Trump on Air Force One on Monday. It looks like his position is safe for now

Rosenstein, whose future at the Justice Department has been steeped in drama, is planning to fly with President Trump on Air Force One to an event in Florida on Monday, according to an official familiar with his plans.

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump said Monday he does not plan to fire the deputy attorney general in charge of an explosive probe into alleged collusion between the president and the Kremlin.

Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff to President Barack Obama who became mayor in 2011, said on September 4 he would not seek re-election next year.

Scott hailed the Trump administration's support during previous hurricanes, and said he was working closely with the president again for Hurricane Michael.

The deputy attorney general appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to his special counsel post and closely oversees his work.

Those reports triggered an avalanche of speculation about the future of Rosenstein - and also the special counsel's investigation into possible coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. "We had a good talk", Trump said.

"The press wants to know 'What did you talk about?' We had a very good talk, I will say". They did talk, for about 45 minutes, but not alone, a White House spokesman said.

Trump is scheduled to speak Monday at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference.

McConnell calls Kavanaugh confirmation battle "adrenaline shot" for GOP ahead of midterms
Ryan praised the speech that Senator Susan Collins , R, gave on the Senate floor announcing her vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Trump said that what followed was "a disgraceful situation brought about by people that are evil, and he toughed it out.

"I didn't know Rod before, but I've gotten to know him", Trump said at the White House.

And the remark about secretly recording the president was meant sarcastically, according to a statement the department issued from someone who it said was in the room.

And he blamed "evil" people for almost sinking his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, saying, "It was a disgraceful situation".

The meeting came after The New York Times published a story last month about Rosenstein's alleged plotting in the wake of James Comey's firing from the Federal Bureau of Investigation a year ago. But when he showed up at the White House last Monday to meet with Kelly, he left the meeting unscathed. But if he changes his mind, advisers have urged Trump to wait until after the November midterm elections.

Rosenstein's visit to the White House on September 24 sparked a false alarm about the No. 2 Justice Department official being fired or resigning.

As a candidate, Trump even went as far as advocating a nationwide "stop-and-frisk" policy for law enforcement, but after heavy criticism clarified that he was just specifically referring to Chicago.

President Trump: "Thank you as well to our Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for being here".

The president mentioned Rosenstein during his speech, thanking him for traveling with him.

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