DC Circuit receives complaints about Kavanaugh, reportedly sends them to Supreme Court

The Senate is the upper chamber of the US Congress

The Senate is the upper chamber of the US Congress Credit AFP

Democrats, Trump said, "tortured him (Kavanaugh) and his family".

Indeed, Trump's loudest applause came as he continued his victory lap, which has included bashing Democrats for attempting to sink the nomination. Before the ceremony, he´d described opposition Democrats as "evil" and the sexual assault claims as a "hoax".

Kavanaugh himself sought to recast himself as an impartial, evenhanded judge devoted to the rule of law in his own remarks, a departure from his fiery testimony before lawmakers last week.

Independent court analysts, however, predict Kavanaugh is likely to concur with more conservative interpretations of the law, giving a solid 5-4 ideological edge on the court to those who lean to the right.

"The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats and when you mention "impeach" a justice of the United States Supreme Court who was a top scholar, top student, top intellect and who did nothing wrong". And I will always be a team player on the team of nine.

He said: "Although the Senate confirmation process tested me as it has tested others, it did not change me". "That process is over", he said. Some even speculated anger over Democrats' treatment of Kavanaugh would spur GOP voters even more.

It also came in the final run-up to midterm elections on Nov 6.

For his part, Graham said last week that if an opening arises during the final year of Trump's term and the presidential primary is already underway, "we'll wait until the next election". "I think it's an insult to the American public".

Pointing out that Kavanaugh's confirmation was approved by the smallest margin of any Supreme Court Justice since 1881, Kimmel referenced the widespread protests that ensued.

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The Senate vote approving Kavanaugh's nomination followed a bitter partisan fight that became a firestorm after sexual misconduct allegations emerged.

No concrete evidence was produced to back up the accusations, which Republicans described as a dirty tricks campaign.

Then an extra Federal Bureau of Investigation probe - which media reports say was drastically curtailed by the White House - also found nothing new and Kavanaugh was finally voted into the coveted post.

Kavanaugh said at the swearing-in ceremony on Monday that "the Senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional".

During a rally in the Iowa community of Council Bluffs, President Donald Trump's supporters began chanting one of their most famous (or infamous) lines, "Lock her up!"

"Our generation has found in you what those before us found in Professor Anita Hill: a heroism based not on greed, ego, violence, and self-serving nationalism but truth, vulnerability, and the courage to sacrifice one's own safety for the greater good", said the letter, which is posted on the me too website. And he wants everyone who opposed Kavanaugh to use their "rage" to "be rid of these people".

But he said that "the paid D.C. protesters are now ready to REALLY protest because they haven't gotten their checks - in other words, they weren't paid!"

In reality, Kavanaugh´s confirmation lit a match under existing tensions ahead of the midterm elections.

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