Android creator is said to build phone that texts for you

Essential is reportedly working on a 'new kind of phone' with a mind of its own

Essential's Next Phone Reportedly Different Than Any Other

It reportedly has a small screen, but will mainly be operated through voice commands.

It sounds like an ambitious plan and given the limitations of consumer AI so far we can't help but be skeptical that Essential will pull it off, but if it does then this could be a phone that lives up to the company's name.

According to the report, the design of the upcoming smartphone is not like the standard phone that we've seen seeing.

Essential, the company known for its PH-1 flagship Android phone, could soon be coming back with an innovative new smartphone. Using Essential's AI software, the phone may learn how to book appointments, send texts and respond to emails on its own. "Rubin would like to capture people's imagination with a product that's truly different from alternatives", Bloomberg says. The planned device, which hasn't been previously reported, could be Essential's last hope to break into a market dominated by Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

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Andy Rubin, who helped create the Android operating system that Google acquired in 2005, is said to be working on an AI-powered device meant to fight the smartphone addiction he once helped foster.

Image: Google has launched a new OS system for its Google Pixel devices called Android 9 or Android Pie. As a result, Essential expects to market the product as a complement to people's smartphones or as a phone for those who want to spend less time tethered to their screens.

We know that the Essential Phone didn't get all the love or the attention it deserved and therefore were not getting a PH2. This is not something new for Andy Rubin as he has been working in this direction for some time now. The first prototype will be ready by the end of the year, and will show it at CES 2019, which will be held in January.

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