Kanye calls himself a 'crazy motherf***er' in Oval Office meeting with Trump

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"And he might not have expected to have a insane motherf***er like Kanye West run up and support, but best believe, we are going to make America great again".

At the end of West's lengthy, sometimes-hard-to-follow dialogue, even Trump seemed at a loss.

"You stopped the war", he told Mr Trump.

While West probably settled on the simple passcode so he can log into his phone as quickly as possible, it's notable that the controversial rapper, who has received threats in the past over his support of Trump, doesn't care enough to make his phone more secure.

But he said, "this hat, it gives me power". "I didn't mean to put you on blast like that, bro". "He looked at my brain", West said.

Trump said West "could very well be" a future presidential candidate. "This adidas thing made me a billionaire and I could've lost $200 million walking away from that deal". "Could very well be", Trump responded.

"It hurts us because we need to focus on who were are today", he said.

Thursday's visit will mark Kanye's second sit-down with Trump - the Chicago, Illinois native previously showed his support for the leader by stopping by his Trump Tower offices in NY shortly after he was elected into office in November, 2016.

"We'll get rid of Air Force One", Mr. Trump replied.

He explained the "again" part hurts black people.

Mr. West said his intention is "to release the love throughout the country".

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He moved around the Resolute Desk and hugged the president, who was still seated. "That's from the heart". President Donald Trump during a meeting in the Oval office of the White House on October 11, 2018 .

He also criticized the left for their attacks on police officers.

"We don't have the reparations but we have the 13th Amendment", he said of the amendment that abolished slavery in 1865. "A welfare mentality", he said before expressing the belief that black people "get caught up in the idea of racism".

In perhaps the most surreal moment for an administration that has seen plenty of them, President Trump on Thursday welcomed Kanye West to the White House.

On his own speech: "You are tasting a fine wine".

Don Lemon invited three guests on his show Tuesday night to discuss West's buzzed-about meeting with President Trump.

Returning to law enforcement issues and prison sentences, he called Hoover "a living statue" for black people.

"The problem is illegal guns". "We have the right to bear arms".

Once Fox edited the clip, we heard some of West's exuberant 10 minutes in the Oval Office.

"Oh! It's good energy in this", he said.

The two men hugged.

"I love this guy right here", West said, walking behind the desk to hug the seated president, who said: "That's really nice".

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