WhatsApp fixes video call vulnerability issues

WhatsApp fixes bug that let hackers take over app when answering a video call

Rap for WhatsApp chat app chaps in phone-to-pwn security nap flap

"This is a big deal", Travis Ormandy, a researcher at Google Project Zero - which discovered the bug - tweeted, Reuters reports.

The bug report further mentions that both the Android and iPhone applications are affected by the flaw. However, because of the vulnerability in RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) implementation of WhatsApp, the flaw affects WhatsApp on Android and iOS along with other apps on both platforms.

Natalie Silvanovich detailed the flaw saying it uses malformed RTP packets in the attack. Back in August, a security researcher had discovered and reported the issue to WhatsApp.

Android Police has reported that in the latest beta for WhatsApp on Android a picture-in-picture video playback option is available, which allows clips to play in a separate window on top of the application. This essentially means that the flaw left WhatsApp users vulnerable during video calls on the app.

WhatsApp fixed the issue in an update released this week. WhatsApp web users were not impacted because it uses, what is called, WebRTC for video calls.

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A company employee dealing with the issue has said there was no evidence of hackers actually hacking any data.

"We routinely engage with security researchers from around the world to ensure WhatsApp remains safe and reliable", said a spokesperson. "This is also the case with Google, which we just learned found a major security issue with its Google+ product and failed to make a public notification for months because they were afraid of public perception and fines". Now that word has gotten out about the gap in security, however, it's even more crucial users grab the latest version.

"WhatsApp cares deeply about the security of our users".

WhatsApp has also issued a statement on the same and said they promptly fixed the issue to resolve this bug problem, adds the report. Simply put, by just knowing your phone number, the hacker can get in your smartphone and access all the secret conversation.

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