Google launches one stop smart home controller

Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub - Google Assistant With A Display

To get started, you only need a bulb, a Google Home or Google Home Mini device, and the Google Home app. Often, the important stuff is buried within several subsections, while the less essential stuff is more prominent.

The Home Hub has been initially launched in the U.S. priced $149 and the announcement coincides with Google revealing an updated version of its Pixel handset. has already taken delivery of these devices and will be bringing you a full review in the coming days.

Just a day after Facebook announced its own video-enabled smart display devices in a bid to show up the Echo Show, Google has added its own such technology to its growing Google Home family.

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Aside from slight software or feature differences between the Google Hub and now available smart displays, the real star is the single, cohesive interface Google is bringing to the smart home here. But it seems Google's Home Hub is camera-free.

Osterloh said the new devices were created to take advantage of Google's development of artificial intelligence. The Nest Hello Doorbell is also going to work a bit better with smart displays now. From a hardware standpoint, this is still just a Google Home speaker with a screen, not that different from Lenovo and JBL's first swing at the segment. Notably, the support page also suggests that users can now ask Google Home to read news about a topic, for example "Listen to news about North Korea", or "Play the latest on Donald Trump". Google has designed the UI to look identical to that now found on the Lenovo and JBL devices, and the Cast platform may have been used to keep costs down.

Google is doing a couple nifty things with Google Home's software, however, and that makes this whole initiative make a lot of sense. The Echo Show has a camera, enabling calls to the Alexa app or another Echo device with a screen. Finally, there's Home View, which allows you to control all of your smart home devices in a single dashboard. After all, Google also decided against using the Qualcomm 624, which is a processor designed for use with home hubs, and instead opted for an Amlogic CPU.

From a functional standpoint, I like how this could possibly cut down on phone and tablet use in the house because so numerous things I'm checking on my phone can just be done with Google Home Hub. And that's exactly what the Google Home Hub is all about. The Google Home app update will allow the users to control multiple devices simultaneously and launch Google Assistant from the app with one touch.

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