Morrison eyes law to protect religion as Greens call for exemption rollback

Row over Australia plan to let faith schools reject gay students

Hinch: Strip funding from private schools that exclude gay teachers, students

"It's hard to comment without seeing the report, but our general proposition is Labour doesn't expand discrimination opportunities", Ms Plibersek said.

Some states - but not all - already allow schools to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status. "We shouldn't even be having this debate", Shorten told reporters in Melbourne, demanding the government release the report.

The Herald revealed on Tuesday that the Federal government has received a report by Liberal Party elder Philip Ruddock on "religious freedom" which recommends changes to the law protecting LGBTI people from sex discrimination in religious schools.

However, it will also not be favourable to the LGBTI community as there are passages about how gay students and teachers could be discriminated.

"To some school communities, cultivating an environment and ethos which conforms to their religious beliefs is of paramount importance", the review said.

Debate has erupted over a school's right to discriminate after sections of a Commonwealth review into religious protections were leaked to the media.

While the report is expected to infuriate conservatives and worry others, Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended the review on Wednesday, saying that religious schools turning away gay students was already an "existing law".

"What kind of adult wants to turn away a child, wants to reject a kid because they are gay".

"The fact of the matter is that every child is entitled to human dignity".

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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says the government should release the report before voters hit the polls for the Wentworth by-election.

The Ruddock inquiry was convened in the wash up of the same-sex marriage debate that saw gay couples legally allowed to Wednesday from January this year.

The review also rejected any changes to the marriage act, a dedicated "religious freedom" act or that civil celebrants should be able to opt out of same-sex ceremonies.

The panel did not accept that businesses should be allowed to refuse services on religious grounds, such as denying a gay couple a wedding cake.

Just over half of Australians identified as Christian in the last census, while 30 per cent said they had no religion.

"We remain deeply concerned that under a Morrison government this bill will be drafted without regard to the interests of LGBTIQ people and other minorities who now bear the brunt of religious discrimination", she said. They should stick to that.

Schools would have to make their policies on gay staff and students public, the proposals reportedly say.

Gay rights activists have slammed the proposal as a shameful assault on equality.

"Schools should be places of learning, not breeding grounds of prejudice".

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