Nintendo adds cheat save in Zelda NES on Switch Online

NES – Nintendo Switch Online adds The Legend of Zelda special version

Switch Online Subscribers Can Now Play a Special Version of Legend of Zelda

Living the life of luxury!

Nintendo does plan to develop "SP" versions of other NES classics, once again great news for younger players. It is assumed that these are the games that will get this SPecial treatment. Some NES games got added to the app today and, as a surprise bonus, among them was a new version of the The Legend of Zelda.

In this souped-up version of The Legend of Zelda, you'll star with tons of rupees and items!

Last week, we reported the news that Nintendo would be expanding its Switch Online library with a trio of great NES games for subscribers of the service to enjoy. In a move that no one called, Nintendo has released an easy version of the original Zelda. You'll start out the game with a bunch of money as well as powerful items like the white sword and the magical shield, which is gear that typically takes hours to find. Here's hoping we see some more of this in the future!

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The new version-marked with a "Special" tag in the UI and dubbed "Living the life of luxury!" in the description-doesn't seem to modify the core game ROM in any way (despite reports referring to it as a "hack").

One does wonder if you wanted a more hard version, why wouldn't you just play the regular version of the game though.

Of course, if you want to access this content, you are going to have to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. In November, Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee will be added, while December will bring ADVENTURES OF LOLO, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership also gives people access to special offers, such as the exclusive chance to purchase a pair of wireless Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers, which look like the original NES controller.

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