Facebook may soon bring 'Unsend' feature on Messenger

Facebook Messenger may be getting an Unsend feature soon

Facebook Messenger may soon let you 'unsend' messages

Some people considered it as a breach of user trust because the app does not have an Unsend feature yet.

Mobile researcher and tipster Jane Manchun Wong reportedly managed to generate screenshots of a prototype "Unsend" button from Messenger's Android code. This means users will be able to unsend a message that they've sent out to someone after a limited period of time and it won't work if the recipient has already seen the message. However, she did not mention what the time limit is.

Facebook announced earlier this year it would launch an "unsend" feature for all Facebook Messenger users.

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However, this feature has the same twist as WhatsApp. If you select the unsend message option, a pop-up message appears to validate your choice. Instagram refers to the new feature as "Facebook Location History" and describes it as a method of tracking the Global Positioning System location of a user using Facebook's tools. So, basically, this feature follows the same principles of the "delete message for everyone" option in WhatsApp.

But it is not the first time that Facebook implemented such capacity. With the help of the 3D photo feature, the users will not only be able to view 3D photos but also create them with life-like dimensions with added depth and movement. Just weeks ago, Facebook revealed a security flaw which led to probable information theft of nearly 50M Facebook users, the figure was later revised to be 30M. Then again, the deleted message does not disappear. Deleting messages is still a possibility but the problem is you can remove it for yourself or both parties, but it still leaves a tracker that something was deleted. To use it, you just have to hold the text you wish to delete and pick the unsend option to erase it from history.

Instagram has a similar feature. What is great about it is that the recipient will not be notified.

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