Man divorces cheating wife spotted on Google Maps

Google Street View

Man using Google Street View to get directions catches his wife cheating

The photo, taken by a Google Maps camera auto, dated back to 2013 but the man angrily confronted his wife with the evidence of her past cheating.

And although Google Street View blurred her face, he was able to recognize her as his wife. The man has divorced her right after.

The man had been researching the best way to reach a popular bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru, when he spotted a familiar figure in one of the Google Street View photos.

Like numerous images on Google Street View, this one was taken years ago-2013, to be exact. The image of the pair snuggling on a bench, with the man's head resting in the woman's lap, is still on Street View. The man figured out that the clothes the woman was wearing was the same as his wife's. These pictures were taken by the Google Camera Car back in the year 2013.

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A couple was caught canoodling on Google Street View by an eagle-eyed husband. Well, a man using the app caught his wife cheating.

He realised it was her only after taking a closer look and she later admitted to having an affair.

The man recently shared the photographs on Facebook where they made a big impression on users. The name of the couple is not known, but the local media confirmed that they have got divorced.

The Google Street View vehicles, including cars, bikes and snowmobiles, has captured locations all over the world with 360-degree cameras.

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