Cannabis is legal: A look across Canada as marijuana prohibition ends

Screened at U.S. border Canadians who are honest about using marijuana could be banned from America

B.C.'s first legal cannabis store approved one day before legalization

However, the first official purchase went to Ian Power and Nikki Rose, who stood proudly at the front of the line outside Tweed's newly opened retail location in downtown St. John's.

In Quebec and most eastern Canadian provinces, marijuana will be sold only in state-run stores, in the same way alcohol is sold.

Who can buy marijuana in Canada?

Nearly three years since the Trudeau Liberals were elected - cannabis products are now legal in Canada.

A lack of Day 1 selection has been a concern for retailers across the country, even as relatively few brick-and-mortar stores will be open to kick off the new era.

Speaking of the law and how it may lead to young adult consuming more pot, Antonio Vigano, a medical marijuana specialist and research director at the Sante Cannabis clinic in Montreal, told the AFP: "As a doctor and as a father, I do not agree with the legalization of recreational cannabis". "We're doing it because we know it's not good for our children", Mr Trudeau said.

The Canadian Press has learned the announcement on setting aside minor marijuana convictions of the past will come as the government ushers in a historic new era of legalized cannabis.

Until now, medical marijuana was legal in Canada and Trudeau and his officials have been working towards legalising pot for recreational objective not just as part of a changing society, but to curb black market trading as well.

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Uruguay was first was the first country to legalize marijuana.

Canada has had legal medical marijuana since 2001.

Some provinces may opt to set the age limit at 19.

In neighbouring U.S., nine states and the District of Columbia have legalised marijuana.

As Canada welcomes legalization, supply shortages could develop, as happened in some USA states when legalization arrived.

Trevor Fencott, chief executive of Fire and Flower, said his company has 15 Alberta stores staffed and ready to sell marijuana, but the province has supplied only enough product to open three of them Wednesday. The first-ever legal sale of cannabis occurred in Newfoundland and Labrador at midnight, local time. Tobin, a longtime convenience store owner, said they will be cutting a ribbon and cake. You can buy rolling papers, handheld vaporizers, bongs, pipes and all sorts of other paraphernalia.

"There's no money in the product itself", she said.

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