Musk says new autopilot chip to be available in six months

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‘Teslaquila’: Elon Musk Dropping Own Agave Brand

Twitter has frequently been Musk's go-to venue for freewheeling communications and confrontation with Tesla's critics.

Tesla Motors has submitted a trademark application in the U.S. for its own brand of the popular alcohol, termed, amusingly: 'Teslaquila'.

Under terms of the settlement, tentatively reached on September 29, both Tesla and Musk must pay $20 million to Wall Street's watchdogs for Musk's market-moving tweet in which he claimed to have "funding secured" for the deal.

Tesla confirmed the settlement by declined to comment further. "And the name change is so on point!"

Musk settled with the SEC two days after the charge, neither admitting nor denying the allegations while agreeing to step down as chairman for at least three years.

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Billionaire Elon Musk, business tycoon and investor, revealed he is a fan of anime after he tweeted his plan to build a giant robot.

"Seriously? You know you still need their help convincing a judge that your penalty was sufficient..." Musk simply replied "NERV", which refers to the organization that built the iconic biological robots of the show. However, one requirement of the settlement amongst others was to appoint a neutral Chairman on the company's Board; the reason being initiating additional oversight on the part of Mr. Musk.

Musk's last tweet for that day truly solidified his love for anime culture when he said it was "time to create a mecha", or a giant fighting anime robot. This will be decided on Thursday when they are reviewed by a federal judge. "The vast majority of settlements like this are approved by courts". "This is just a hoop to be jumped through", he said.

He's praised his company's cars and animated Japanese movies, discussed a possible tequila brand, and suggested that society has gone long enough without giant robots.

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