Astros Suspected of Cheating In ALCS, ALDS

The Astros Tony Kemp robbed the Red Sox of extra bases with a brilliant leaping catch

The Astros Tony Kemp robbed the Red Sox of extra bases with a brilliant leaping catch

"I think that's an Major League Baseball issue".

An unidentified man, who had been issued a credential before the October 8 game in Cleveland, was removed from an area near Boston's dugout for taking photos during Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday, according to a report by Metro Boston and Yahoo Sports. The man, who did not have a credential, had a small camera and was texting frequently, per the report.

After being dispatched by the Astros in the first round of the playoffs, the Cleveland Indians apparently warned the Boston Red Sox that Houston might attempt to steal signs or information from their dugout. He's not listed as an official Astros employee, however, his Instagram account features photos of him wearing an Astros ID badge and standing next to a team-owned private plane.

On Wednesday, two people familiar with the situation said the Astros attempted to get a second person next to the Indians' dugout during Game 3 of the AL Division Series after another man was removed earlier by security for taking pictures with his cellphone. "They'll do what they have to do, but I just heard it today".

"I'm aware of something going on, but I haven't been briefed", Astros manager A.J. Hinch said after Tuesday's Game 3 loss to the Sox.

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"I'm always concerned about [sign-stealing] throughout the season", Cora said after the game.

According to Yahoo, a pair of Major League Baseball players claimed to have witnessed the Astros banging a trash can in the dugout in recent years, ostensibly to indicate to the hitter what the upcoming pitch would be. While he doesn't cite specific teams that have been placed under the microscope, it's worth remembering that the Red Sox themselves were fined in 2017 for illegal use of an Apple Watch in the dugout in an effort to steal signs from the division-rival Yankees.

And with Boston up 4-2 and the bases loaded, Bradley said goodnight with a grand slam to right field on a 1-1 pitch.

Chris Sale will not start Game 5 of the American League Championship Series against the Astros on Thursday.

According to the report, the Yankees had long held suspicions that the rival Red Sox were stealing signals at Fenway Park, and their claims were corroborated by the league after filing the complaint. At least if they did that, they could take their chances in Games 6 and 7 at home. It was done early in the game, caught early in the game.

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