Canada to pardon pot possession as it legalizes marijuana

Zambia : Canada becomes second country to legalize marijuana nationwide

Canada now world’s largest legal marijuana marketplace

Uruguay was the first country to legalise marijuana. "We're not known as wild and insane. We're doing it because we know it's not good for our children", Mr Trudeau said.

Battley will attend an investor conference in Germany and then head to Australia, which legalized medical marijuana in 2016. "Come Wednesday, the country will not go mad as stoners take over the streets, nor will we achieve doobie-inspired world peace and universal love", Picard wrote.

Its deliberate approach, which took more than two years of planning, allows provinces to shape their own laws within a federal framework, including setting the minimum age and deciding whether to distribute through state-run or private retail outlets.

Though several border states have legalized marijuana (or allow the use of medical marijuana), the border between Canada and the United States is, as my colleagues put it, "a thin marijuana militarized zone, where the drug will remain forbidden by federal law".

Cannabis legalization has implications for many other facets of Canadian society, ranging from law enforcement and testing for cannabis-impaired drivers to corporate policies governing consumption restrictions for certain industries such as air travel.

Canadians can even order marijuana online and have weed delivered by mail to their door. A link has also been made between cannabis use and the appearance of psychosis in youth. Originally from Boston, but now living in Montreal, MacDonald said he hoped the USA would follow Canada's lead and legalise recreational weed.

It might have a more immediate effect in countries like New Zealand, where the government has promised a legalization referendum by 2020, said John Walsh, of the advocacy group Washington Office on Latin America.

"This is the genie out of the bottle", Walsh said.

"Instead, we have a government scrambling to pass laws for a substance that is already legal", she said, adding that the government had made a decision to focus on other issues over the past months, such as Ford's move to slash the size of Toronto's city council.

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Licensed producers have been ramping up cannabis production and retailers have been gearing up for months, but both say it has been a compressed timeline for such a complicated endeavour. On Tuesday, US Customs and Border control reiterated that those caught at the border with Canada with marijuana would be subject to arrest.

Fedeli said he was happy with initial reports on the store's sales and defended some of the more unusual products available on the site, including an "intimate" spray with cannabis ingredients designed for amorous couples.

But there is disagreement among forecasters on just how much of a boost the new industry could give Canada's economy. Festivities erupted throughout the nation of 37 million.

Ian Power and Nikki Rose were the first to make historic inaugural purchases. "I'm going to have a lot more variety than the black market dealers, so you have a lot more choice at our store".

The stores have a sterile look, like a modern clinic, with a security desk to check identification. However, they will have to wait a while to buy products infused with marijuana. A small team of employees answers questions but don't make recommendations.

"It's a candy store, I like the experience", Vincent Desjardins, a 20-year-old-student who plans to apply for a job at the Montreal shop, said.

A perusal of the Ontario Cannabis Store's online portal on the first day of legalization turned up an array of expected products - various strains of dried weed, oils and tinctures, and accessories needed to use them.

Anand said it was also important to remember legalization is a process, not a single event, and everyone in the sector has to stay focused on maintaining their best behaviour as that process evolves.

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