Epic Games provide update and fixes following first Fortnite Alpha tournament


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Additionally, V6.10 adds an events tab to the game, allowing players to see when in-game tournaments are going to take place, which will progress in difficulty as they go.

Epic Games has also gone after a second YouTuber by the name of Colton Conter or "Exentric". This is a visual bug only, each region has their own tournament schedule and all times displayed inside of the Events tab are correct based on your local timezone and system clock.

Compete over the course of several hours to earn points by eliminating multiple opponents or surviving against the competition. It's a quad bike that can be charged up in order to either speed up and grab some air, or much more interestingly to charge through player-made structures, destroying them.

Fortnite tournaments will support crossplay - in fact, you need to opt in to crossplay to participate. As you progress through a session, you'll be matched against players with similar scores, so matches should get harder the longer you stay in the running.

All Tournaments will have a target score and reaching this will award Fortnite players with a shiny pin.

There was also other issues with matchmaking too, some of which were caused by the sudden influx of players when the tournament started.

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Fortnite players who prefer to play on console with a controller will be happy to now know that they can change their building sensitivity in-game.

"We've been observing the performance of controller players in our Summer Skirmish, PAX West, and Fall Skirmish tournaments while playing against mouse and keyboard players at the highest levels of competition", the statement reads. In the future, though, Epic says shiny pins will be used to redeem prizes or to advance to the next round in a tournament.

Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action.

All the dates and details on the new Tournaments can be found here.

Description: Become legends of the Tomato Temple Cup.

The latest update for Fortnite will patch the game to version 1.85 on the PS4.

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