Texas woman left toddler alone on stranger's doorstep

Woman in Texas facing abandonment charge after allegedly leaving child alone on doorstep

VIDEO: Woman captured on camera leaving toddler on stranger's doorstep

The woman then knocked on the door before turning around and running away, leaving the boy behind at the doorstep. When she reaches the front entrance, the woman puts the child down, repeatedly rings the door bell and knocks several times.

The boy's father, who identified the 2-year-old boy, told KPRC2's that their friend Taisha Walker dropped his son off at a neighbour's home instead of his house.

It turns out the house the child was left as was next door to the father's residence, which bolsters the woman's claim she got the address confused. Sheriff's deputies canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on every door nearby, including the father's, officials told reporters, according to the Chronicle.

Spencer said that the woman in the video has been identified, but she has not yet been found or interviewed by the sheriff's office. The mother said she was in the hospital on Wednesday and had a friend drop the boy off.

He said it's possible she could face a child abandonment charge.

The entire incident took 23 seconds, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office stated on Facebook.

Woman in Texas facing abandonment charge after allegedly leaving child alone on doorstep

During a press conference Thursday, Lt. Scott Spencer with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said the homeowner who discovered the boy immediately called law enforcement.

The district attorney's office is looking into child abandonment charges for the woman in the video. "It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for the child".

The video shows her approaching the door quickly and dumping the boy and his belongings down.

The identities of the child or the woman are now unknown. The woman appears to be in her mid-20s to early 30s with long hair. Child Protective Services responded to the scene and took him into custody, but the toddler was reunited with his father later. At this point the identity of the suspect and the child are unknown.

The boy is uninjured and appears to be in good health, the sheriff's office said.

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