Google Maps Live Trip Sharing Now Available on iOS

Google Maps makes it easier to share your ETA with loved ones

Google Maps on Android can now share trip progress via other apps

But how exactly can you share your ETA with your friends? When enabled, the feature will share your destination, the directions for your journey, as well as your device's battery life.

You will then be given a selection of choices for which medium you'd like to send your ETA through. We've already gotten the update, so if you don't see it yet you may have to update Google Maps on your phone first.

It has been over a year since Google introduced the ability to share your real-time location within Google Maps with folks you choose, and now the feature is getting improved.

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Journey sharing is rolling out for driving, walking, and cycling navigation on Android and iOS for those of you in "mixed" households. Then you can invite them to view your location. Plus, trip sharing works on iOS just in case you should ever find yourself holding an iPhone for some reason. You'll select those to share with from your favorite contacts.

That feature, Google announced today, has now been added to the iOS version.

Google also said that today's update allows users to share their location live across third-party apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp - a feature which is also new to Android.

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