Nikki Haley Warns Against Describing One's Political Opponents As 'Evil'

Keynote speaker Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley center shares a light moment as she attends the 73rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Thursday Oct. 18 2018 in New York. Center left is Archbishop of New York Cardinal

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I get it. You wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test'.

"But I do understand why you invited me", Haley said.

She then joked about the president, saying, "Actually, when the president found out that I was Indian-American, he asked me if I was from the same tribe as Elizabeth Warren". "We have some serious political differences here at home".

'Actually the president called me this morning and gave me some really good advice.

"Two years ago Trump was here and made some waves with his remarks, so last year you went with Paul Ryan, who's a Boy Scout and that's fine, but a little boring".

The diplomat delivered the keynote address at an event for the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, making jokes about the Democrat senator whose heritage has been the centre of her discord with the president.

"Jeff Sessions wanted to be here but he recused himself", she said.

During the dinner, which is traditionally comical, Haley poked fun at President Donald Trump's recent United Nations address, Sen.

"She's done a fantastic job and we've done a fantastic job together", Trump during the meeting.

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The crowd erupted in laughter.

U.S. Sen. Warren, D-Mass., announced the results of a DNA test this week that shows "strong evidence" of Native American heritage in the last six to 10 generations of her family history.

Ms Haley, who served as governor of SC before joining the Trump administration, also recalled her upbringing as a minority member in the Palmetto State.

"In America, our political opponents are not evil".

"He said if I get stuck for laughs, just brag about his accomplishment". In South Sudan, where rape is routinely used as a weapon of war, that is evil.

Haley said her working with the United Nations was an "honor of a lifetime" and said she would continue to support Trump as "a private citizen". "In North Korea, where American student Otto Warmbier was tortured to death, that was evil".

His record of racism and open bigotry is so deep and long and disturbing, most black voters automatically become suspicious of any black person who cozies up to Trump, if not hold them in outright contempt, no matter their black bona fides. She is seen as a rising star in the Republican Party and a possible candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

While Haley appeared to bring the house down, both NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were met by boos when introduced to the guests.

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