McLaren reveals Speedtail Hyper-GT

2019 McLaren Speedtail images leak

McLaren Speedtail Pumps 1035HP And 250MPH Top End As Rightful Heir To Legendary McLaren F1

Limited to just 106 examples to preserve exclusivity, the price of the Speedtail will start from £1.75 million, plus taxes - but an extensive options list and limitless scope for personalisation should mean nearly every auto breaks the £2 million barrier.

McLaren has officially unveiled one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2018 - the new Speedtail.

The new "hyper-GT" slots in as McLaren's current range-topper, and with stats like this it's not hard to see why. But customers don't seem to be bothered by the price tag, as all 106 McLaren Speedtails have been reserved. And all 106 are already sold.

Inside is a mix of the layout of the F1 with a healthy dose of modern McLaren thrown in, with lashings of leather (it's "directional", so you can slide in but then be held in place), with the start and Velocity Mode buttons on the ceiling so you can pretend to be a fighter pilot.

2019 McLaren Speedtail images leak

The Speedtail is the long-awaited successor to McLaren's first model, the F1 of the 1990s, which was the fastest vehicle in the world for a while with a top speed of 243 miles per hour. Complications with the airbags and the car's seating configuration mean it's not road legal under current federal standards. For reference, the P1 could hit the same 300kph benchmark in 16.5 seconds. Regardless of this fact, Motor Authority has been told by McLaren that around 35 cars built in Woking, UK will be going to American buyers. The Speedtail's teardrop-shaped cockpit and sleek body offer innovative features such as carbon fibre front-wheel static aero covers, retractable digital rear-view cameras and patented active rear ailerons which contribute to the car's ultra-low drag figures. At the base of either pillar are two smaller screens which are connected to cameras that substitute side mirrors for less drag - and for even less drag, the cameras can be retracted. The suspension is mostly aluminum and further weight has been saved by utilizing carbon-ceramic brake rotors instead of steel units. Those would certainly be a high theft item when the vehicle was parked outside.

While McLaren is obviously proud of the car's performance abilities, the Speedtail turns its nose up at such uncouth pastimes as lap records and other associated hooliganism. The long rear deck and "teardrop" cockpit canopy help streamline the airflow over the auto, and the two rear ailerons are embedded into the clamshells and forged out of flexible carbon fibre to reduce the drag and turbulence caused by bodywork shutlines.

For the owner that really wants to show off, 18-karat gold and carbon-fiber McLaren badging is also available.

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