Farewell Google's clean homepage: New Discover feed will guess your interests

Google Discover starts rolling out in the US

Google's interest-focused Discover feed launches on mobile web

Now rolling out to Google's home page for mobile devices, the Discover feed delivers a lineup of news stories underneath the familiar search field. They are available on any mobile browser, including Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. Those days are long gone with the introduction of the Google Discover feed now showing up below the Google search box on mobile. It is somewhat similar to having a news feed, which will make the homepage less neat and simple-looking.

Google Discover, which has now started rolling out to iOS and Android devices in the US, will show you cascading cards just below the search box.

The bottom-right corner lets you select whether you see more or less of the subject you want to see. The bulk of these cards revolve around relevant news pieces, but the feed can also show sports results and weather forecasts and will change based on your interests and search history.

Just like the Google app, you can also tell Google if you wish to hide some particular story or you want to ban stories from a particular source.

The Google Discover cards feature a cover image, title, a brief summary, and the name of the website and published date.

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A screenshot of the Google Discover page on mobile.

Did you get Google Discover on your device yet?

How to turn off Discover Feed in the browser?

If you're planning a road trip across the country or taking some time off in Europe, Discover might show you an article with the best restaurants in that area or suggested places to visit. You'll have the option to see more or fewer stories of that specific featured topic.

The feed will also show you evergreen topics when suitable. For example, if you're learning to play the piano, Discover might show you content for beginners.

This comes around the same time Google is also bringing the capabilities of Google Lens to Google Images on the mobile web, one more step from Google toward making Search move beyond its text-based legacy.

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