Mother and son reunited 31 years after alleged kidnapping

Mother, son reunited after 31 years to speak at Toronto police headquarters

Jamaican mother recounts being reunited with son 31 years after abduction from Toronto home

"We thank the many law enforcement agencies, in the USA and Canada, that have investigated this matter, worked hard to apprehend this fugitive and finally provided some answers to a mother who has suffered with her son's absence for far too long", said Durham.

Now 33, Jermaine Mann met his mother Lyneth Mann-Lewis for the first time last week while his father was taken into United States custody. He is said to have used a fake birth certificates to help create new identities for the two.

"He said [his wife] took all his money of out the bank and he hasn't seen her since".

Amanda Pick, the CEO of the Missing Children Society of Canada, called Lyneth Mann-Lewis "a tower of strength and perseverance". He is facing charges of making false statements in the U.S. Once those charges are resolved, Canadian authorities will attempt to extradite him so he can answer to one count of abduction in this country. I touched him and said, 'Oh my God, my baby, " the woman said while addressing a news conference.

"He told me that he was from down south - from SC", said one neighbor who didn't want to give her name.

The 66-year-old Mann was produced in a federal court in Hartford on charges of making false statements in transactions with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Ms Mann-Lewis described seeing her adult son for the first time, cooking for him and meeting one of his friends: "I grabbed him and squeezed his head, I wanted to know that he was real". A forensic specialist then analyzed a photo of Mr. Mann alongside the driver's licence photo of a man named Hailee DeSouza, and determined that they were likely the same person. He and Ms Mann-Lewis had separated the year before.

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The trail eventually went cold, though Jermaine's story and age-enhanced photographs were frequently circulated across missing children networks, and investigators on both sides of the border never gave up on the case. Speaking to The Globe and Mail in 2003, she said she'd held onto Jermaine's possessions. She credited the hard work of Davis and the USA marshals for bringing mother and son back together.

"I just thought it was sad for him to have done what he did".

Canada's national missing persons registry now lists 165 people who disappeared as children. At least 21 other cases include a child last seen in the presence of, or believed to still be with, one of their parents.

None of the allegations against Mann Jr. have been proven in court.

He responded: "Oh mommy, you have my eyes", and then hugged and kissed her, she said.

The Hartford Courant reported that the son sobbed quietly in the front row with his head in his hands and left the courthouse without commenting. Waiting at the airport to see her son for the first time since he was a toddler, she was racked with worries. We did, I'm going to guess, 3,000 to 4,000 interviews. "This is the end of the long struggle of not knowing where he is but it (going forward) will be a hard life for now".

A Toronto-area mother who spent three anguished decades wondering whether her son was alive or dead said their recent, happy reunion should offer hope to other families grappling with the pain of missing a child.

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