Early voting shatters records in New Mexico

Voters cast their ballots in a polling station in Lexington Ky

Voters cast their ballots in a polling station in Lexington Ky

The number of people voting early has surpassed the 2014 total in IL and many other states, with days to go before Tuesday's election.

With one of the most crucial midterm elections in recent U.S. history less than a week away, early voter turnout appears to have almost doubled from 2014, shattering records along the way.

More than 16 percent of voters to date have Spanish surnames, a higher share than in any previous midterm election.

A surge of energy appears to have swept over Democratic voters, according to the latest generic ballot polling, which shows the minority party holding a 17-point edge in the upcoming elections.

"This is the first time we're going to have a presidential-type vote, where you're going to see the majority of voters casting their ballots early", said Hector de Leon, spokesman for the clerk's office.

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Over 3 million people have already voted by mail and returned their ballots, or voted early.

And in the 2012 presidential election, 387,350 Tarrant County voters cast early ballots in person, election records show. Outgoing Gov. Rick Scott also is challenging U.S. Sen.

The Illinois State Board of Elections says almost 840,000 early votes had been cast statewide as of late Wednesday.

Early voting in Oklahoma runs Thursday through Saturday.

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